Comic+Riso Workshop in Berlin!

02.29.2016 // 10:16 am

Aisha Franz und Colorama invite you to a Comic-Riso-Workshop.

We want to make a collection of mini comics with you.
Starting with a short introduction into riso-printing and examples of comics and zines we will quickly continue to find a theme and develop the storytelling for each individual comic.
We will work with two colours and cut and bind the little zines together so everyone can take them home immediately.

March 12.-13. (Sat+Sun) / 12 – 5 pm / max. 10 participants /50€: 5 zines p.P, material, food and drinks included.

Mail to:


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Shit Is Real / book release

11.08.2015 // 11:17 am

Soft announcement for my book Shit Is Real which will be released early 2016 with my german publisher Reprodukt. Reprodukt will be celebrating their 25th birthday so we can look forward to many exciting new publications!



MIT News

11.08.2015 // 11:12 am

For MIT Technology Review News magazine. The article is about the rising ocean acidity causing changes in plankton species and therefore affecting the entire food chain.


MIT Technology Review

10.23.2015 // 03:15 pm

Another illustration for MIT Technology Review.
Long passwords are better than creative ones.


MIT Technology Review Illustration

09.17.2015 // 09:06 am

Another illustration I did last week for MIT Technology Review.
The article is about AI’s taking 4th graders school tests
in order to create common sense among computers.


Reading and Workshop in Riga

09.16.2015 // 12:33 pm

The Goethe Institut and my dear friends from kuš! set up an exhibition showing the drawing videos that were shot in Berlin and in Riga by Kate Elpo.
I was invited to contribute a comic reading to the opening and will also give a 2-day workshop!
Looking forward!


Shit Is Real #2 OUT

08.08.2015 // 01:31 am

It took me a little long to finally officially release the 2nd issue of my new comic series “Shit Is Real”.
I’ve been working on this for quite a while now and I’m happy to finally be moving towards the end of this weird ongoing story. 3 more chapters/issues are about to come and in the end this will turn into a book which will be released in Germany early next year (more infos soon!).
Shit Is Real / 60 pages / b+w /
6 € + shipping (+1,45€ Germany, +3,45€ Worldwide)
PAYPAL or Email me (works for both):

P.s.: I added some tags to summarize the content:


The Offspring

08.04.2015 // 10:14 am

THE OFFSPRING poster (hellyeah)
for Rock En Seine Festival 2015!


Bananarama in FRANKY

07.23.2015 // 05:07 pm

Hey guys, kinda late with that info but I present you FRANKY(et Nicole), the amazing anthology put together and out by Les Requins Marteaux which came out very recently and I’m honored to have a small story in there.
Bananarama was first published in german with Tiny Masters, a mini comic subscription run by Anna Haifisch and James Turek, then polished and “grey-scaled” with the great help and support of Ida Rørholm Davidsen


NY Times Sunday Review

06.15.2015 // 11:21 am

Here’s a new illustration for the NY Times – it’s about a therapist coping with a dowdy looking patient.
READ the article >>>
Thanks to AD Nathan Huang!


MIT Technology Review

06.09.2015 // 09:51 am

Illustration for MIT Technology Review about the
possibilities of extracting lithium out of seawater.
(AD Sam Jayne)
Read full article >>

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OCX 2015

06.08.2015 // 09:58 am

This week I’ll be at Oslo Comics Expo together with Paul Paetzel
and a bunch of books which we’ll be selling at our Treasure Fleet booth.
Also I’m gonna have a small exhibition with new work and the
2nd issue of Shit Is Real out.
Rad poster by Simon Hanselmann:


Shit Is Real #2 in process

06.01.2015 // 06:01 pm

Shit #2 is gonna be real soon.
Hopefully traveling with me to Oslo next week :)


NYTimes Sunday Review

04.19.2015 // 01:26 pm

illustration for NY Times Sunday Review on the cultural differences between
the US and Germany in dealing with embarrassing diseases like foot fungus.
(AD Aviva Michaelov)


MIT Technology Review

04.13.2015 // 11:14 am

New illustration work.
This time for MIT Technology Review on an article
about an intelligent museum-guide-app.
AD Jordan Awan

Read the article here >>>>
Last illustration for MIT >>>>
And if you’re curious about the drafts and sketches
have a look here >>>>

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