Der Apparat @Fumetto

03.18.2015 // 04:10 pm

Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the Fumetto Festival in Luzern this year but at least I sent some work over there to be part of this cool project realized by Alice Kolb and Daniel Peter.

An old cigarette machine was filled with little packages of silkscreened cards designed by various illustrators, each one referring to a typical german “Sprichwort”.
Best part: it’s a pairs game!

More images and info: DER APPARAT


The Millionaires Club

03.13.2015 // 12:16 pm

This weekend starting tomorrow THE TREASURE FLEET will be at the MILLIONAIRES CLUB in Leipzig selling new hot shit (including a new book by Paul Paetzel and Till Hafenbrak and a lot of other minicomics+zines+prints+posters)


In Stores

03.04.2015 // 04:19 pm

Shit is Real is available now in two of my favorite cities on this earth:
at the Drawn & Quarterly Bookstore in Montréal
(Rue Bernard, yeah! If you ever happen to be there, check out the amazing jewish bakery and that bar with the GDR-chic)
and at Librairie Candide in Brussels (+ Back To Basics #1)!!



02.25.2015 // 07:42 pm

Page 1 from a 5 page comic I made for the next Smoke Signal.


Russian Esquire

02.25.2015 // 07:34 pm

Illustration for Russian Esquire Magazine.


Work In Progress

02.25.2015 // 07:30 pm


NY Times Illustration

02.19.2015 // 05:00 pm

A new Illustration for the New York Times Sunday Review on an article about the vagina as the new beauty-focus
(AD Alexandra Zsigmond)


Shit Is Real #1 OUT

02.02.2015 // 02:36 pm

My new mini and teaser of a longer comic book project is out now.
Shit Is Real / b+w / 56 pages / + Poster /
6 € + shipping (+1,45€ Germany, +3,45€ Worldwide)
PAYPAL or Email me:


Sneak Peak…

01.17.2015 // 04:21 pm

…into the new project I’m working on.
It’s gonna be a book, it’s gonna take a while BUT:
a self-published TEASER to be released VERY soon!

:)TAGS: love/hate, disillusion, loneliness, alienation,
search, lizards,party, fishes, numbness, attraction,
saturn,fascination, boredom,identity, work, passion,
desert, cats, apartment, poverty, adulthood,dystopia

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NY Times Illustration

01.17.2015 // 04:01 pm

I’ve been quite slow about posting and updating lately.
Here’s an illustration I did a while ago
for the New York Times “Private Lives”-blog:


Comic for Erika-Fuchs-Museum

12.15.2014 // 03:32 pm

The “Erika-Fuchs-Foundation” is building a museum in honor of the famous
Donald-Duck-translator Dr. Erika Fuchs (1906-2005) and therefore commissioned contemporary cartoonists to contribute to the permanent exhibition.
The idea was to interpret and translate a famous quote into our personal style and “language”. Here’s a sneak peak of my contribution page.
Sadly the museum has not been able to open it’s doors yet, inauguration dates to be announced.



12.12.2014 // 03:57 pm

I made a new mini for TINYMASTERS
the amazing mini comic subscription project run by
Anna Haifisch and James Turek!

16 pages
in german
2,50 €


The Pitchfork Review #4

12.12.2014 // 03:50 pm

The Pitchfork Review Issue 4 is out and I have another 4-pages-comic in it:
Kim & Mickey in full color!


Canicola Germania OUT NOW

12.12.2014 // 03:43 pm

Canicola published a new anthology focused on german-based illustrators and cartoonists, featuring work by:
Jul Gordon, Sophie Martineck, Paul Paetzel, Josephin Ritschel, Maria Sulymenko, Anne Vagt and me!
Cover: Paul Paetzel

Originals from this book were exhibited at this years BilBOlBul Festival in Bologna.