“Brigitte” is about a female secret agent who is actually a dog. Besides of being tough and highly professional, she has a soft and also weak side showing of her grief about not being able to have children.

Brigitte is an ongoing zine-serial starting with the first two episodes “Der Perlenhort/The pearl hoard”,
“Rache ist kostbar/Revenge is precious” and “Die Höhle des Löwen/The Lion’s Den”.
#4 “The house is on fire” is the last episode of the first Brigitte-adventure

Brigitte #4 “The house is on fire”
14,5 x 21cm/ b&w/ 52 pages/ german with english subtitles/ 6 € (+shipping)

For those who haven’t read the first issues of Brigitte,
THIS ISSUE includes a summary of the first 3 episodes!!!